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Thursday, 17 June 2010

house of latibeau - bridesmaids

Check out to view bridesmaid dresses and past brides we have worked with.

We are now preparing for the 2011 collection where 'the house of latibeau' will venture into new realms....its all exciting!

Conflict diamonds

We love what this Canadian company are doing and will be contacting them for jewellery pieces myself

Brilliant Earth
are campaigning against the use of blood diamonds. The commit to providing conflict free diamonds, 5% of profits are donated to Africa and use Canadian Diamonds and recycled gold.

We likey!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Bubble Wrap Wedding Dress

MMh I like the idea of recycling....BUT not quite sure on this one

(pics and words from

30-year-old primary school deputy headteacher wore a dress made of bubble wrap when she tied the knot with Duncan Turner, 32.

The dress used up 13ft of the packing material and was put together last month by pupils and parents at her school for a fashion show featuring recyclable materials.

He said: 'She looked incredible. It's an amazing dress and just goes to show what can be done with unusual materials.
'We're both very keen on the environment and wildlife, and this felt the right thing to do to show our appreciation of important they are.'

The eco-friendly couple walked down an aisle of grass matting with planted flowers in front of 120 guests with Rachael wearing a more traditional dress.
But even that didn't last long as it has now been chopped up and recycled into a cocktail dress.

Bridal shows i am attending

Its time to research ahead of my design process and for this i need to see what the competition  is saying.

So im off to a few shows

Next weekend will find me at...

This one is BIG!
For the first time ever, the very finest international bridal wear designers will come together to stage what will be the most prestigious and authoritative event in the bridal buying calendar. White Gallery will be presented 23-25 May 2010, at the capital’s coolest art venue, the Saatchi Gallery in London, Chelsea.

 After this will be

BoC's first bridal exhibition will be taking place 23rd May 2010, at the height of the wedding season!

The expo will be jam packed full of a wide variety of exhibitors, from cake makers, to make up artists. It will be a great place for you to look for services that will make your wedding day a special one.

Entry is FREE:

happening at the lovely RichMix

may be a little awkward getting betweeen Saatchi Gallery and Rich Mix but i will work it out some way or another
and then the

national wedding show in October is also a must to go to ... researching as a event to showcase at in a years time



National wedding show

The National Wedding Show is calling on all Brides to wear their wedding dress to work on the 17th September 2010 to raise vital funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. It doesn’t matter if you were married in 2010, 1970 or even if it’s still a work in progress… if you can find a dress (and fit into it!) we need you to get sponsored for wearing it.
For those women who would love to get involved but are not able to wear their wedding dress for the day, why not use a memento from your big day such as a tiara, veil or even your garter. All that is needed is a willingness to raise awareness and funds for the fight against this devastating disease.
Visit for further information on how to get involved and take part

Breakthrough Breast Cancer

The National Wedding Show supports Breakthrough Breast Cancer -- a registered charity -- and is donating 50p from the sale of each ticket purchased for the autumn National Wedding Shows to help win the battle against this disease.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Wedding on BEN TV

Abigail and Kunle wedding is on tv right now!

The dress I made her is out there for the world to see!

This is fantastic!!!!

Will upload a video of this asap

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Blast from the Past

Before I launched Latibeau Ltd which commenced in 2009, I have been commissioned to make various wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, evening wear and traditional clothing for various African and also Asian clients since 2004.

Here are a few snapshots of previous bridalwear I have made for clients.

VV Brown and M&S campaign

I just love this picture and think VV looks stunning.

I wil definitely be adding lace within my 2011 collection.
Already decided it is called the 'Decades' collection and excitedly getting researching and sketching!

Watch this space!

'House of Latibeau'

Newspaper wedding!

I love this students work.

based at the London College of Fashion it kind of has an ethical bridal and evening feel to it!

Positive use of newspaper and witty shoot too!

(All photos and designs - Jack Hoe -

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Focus group

Are you a recently married woman or planning your wedding?

I am preparing to relaunch House of Latibeau and I am seeking women of both categories to be part of a focus group in May 2010.

If this is you and you have 45mins to share your thoughts on this topic please contact me!

many thanks!

Wedding companies

The Vintage Wedding List is an interesting site for gifts to buy a couple for their wedding.
they note on their site that 'The Vintage Wedding List is unlike other wedd­ing list companies in that we buy all of our products and hold them in stock. Once an item has been added to a wedding list, it is reserved for the couple for the duration of their list, and if it isn't purchased it goes back into stock.'

its an interesting concept!

Grace Kelly: Style Icon

As I design and research for the 2011 House of Latibeau collection I am planning a trip to th V&A for the exhibition called Grace Kelly: Style Icon.

Such a stunning woman and with such 'grace' in her walk...her name was very fitting.

This is inspiring the theme of the next range so keep an eye out for developments.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Its still coming in...PRESSing on!

See this link from Carib Commx they say"Latibeau who displayed a wide range of ethically made silk dresses,"

and then there is 
africa news

who mentioned "Latibeau who displayed a wide range of ethically made silk dresses."

More press...mahogany show

See pics and comments from this link

They note
"Other designers included Latibeau's classic and modestly simple dresses with cute bows." and also
"Jessica Ebhomenye, 20 modelled for Latibeau and B'Divine Bridal wear. The second year Law student at Exeter and signed to Mahogany agency was sent to the finals in Gambia for the top Model of Colour competition last year. She said about the show: 'Today I've seen a fantastic and creative play on material. I'm impressed."

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Recent bridal creation

Here is the latest wedding i have done.

Duchess satin dress with pleated detail, tulle underskirt and straps with diamonte detailing. Boned corseted inner bodice with assymetric pleated front and pearl bead detail. Double zip finish to back as fastening with pearl buttons.

What a beauty and what a happy bride!

Congratulations Abigail and Kunle!

Monday, 12 April 2010

More press

Also the wedding we made the bridalwear for on the weekend produced more business for Latibeau. Things are on the up and I see The House of Latibeau getting busy over the coming years.

So get those orders in!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Wedding this saturday

I have completed a bridal order for a client for her wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses for the wedding this saturday.

Pics to post up at the brides consent after saturday.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

more pics!

great pics - courtesy of mahogany bridal group on Facebook.

Press in ...

Latibeau was credited on Flyer newspaper website 

Pictures from the Mahogany Bridal Show featured Latibeau and the writer mentioned
Latibeau combined beautifully crafted silk dresses which oozed quality. The simplicity of her designs was reminiscent of classic Greek goddesses which stood out from the crowd.

 In my opinion a great pic from the Finale with Latibeau dress up front...loving it!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bridal Show

I have just been invited to feature in another bridal show. Great for promotion.
Will keep you posted.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Mahogany Bridal Show, March 21st

I was invited by Sola and team at the Mahogany Model agent to showcase my company at the catwalks of the Mahogany Bridal Show last night.

Here are pics from the night.


I had press taking my pictures throughout the evening and wished that I had applied more make up than just eyeshadow and mascara...but hey what to do!

It was a tiring day but a successful night which I am well pleased with. I showed the majority of my bridesmaid dress range and saw it as a good way to get the name out to the public and the press.

Welcome to The House of Latibeau.

This blog, launch and set up of this company is well over due.

I have been designing and making bridalwear - wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, evening wear and traditional clothing since 2005 and decided in 2009 that it was time to launch my bridal business.

I wanted to launch it in a sustainable and responsible way as I am aware of the throwaway - one time use of bridalwear and so decided to create an alternative option to bridalwear.

So in September 2009 I set up Latibeau ltd as a social enterprise company - limited by guarantee.

Why the name you ask.

Well ... my great grandmother from Jamaica, whom I was blessed to meet when she was 93 years old and still going strong. Her maiden name was Latibeaudiere. I wanted to create a family business based on my skill as a designer dressmaker which could be passed down through the business so simply reduced the name down to Latibeau....aka The House of Latibeau.

All dresses and product are made from sustainable materials and also recycled materials. (We are launching our recycle your dress scheme soon where you can send in your used wedding dresses, veils etc to be watch out for this!)

Latibeau works with production unit which is also a womens charity in London's Brick Lane originally set up to support Bangladesh women coming to England to teach them English, IT skills and sewing skills and provide them with work to get them on their feet.

I am also in talks with a few charities and plan to donate to a womens charity in a country in East Africa where young women do not have an easy start to life and it is my heart, desire and focus  to donate my business to ways of empowering women.

Watch out for the launch!